Our mission is to be:
The UK’s best Manufacturer of Contract Beds and Mattresses
if we are not already, and we think we are...
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About us

Our Mission

To be the Uk's best Manufacturer of Contract Beds and Mattresses if we are not already and we think we are...

Wow Contract is the UK’s leading manufacturer of contract beds and mattresses for the Student, Leisure and Hotel Sectors.

Size isn’t everything…

We are not the biggest but the advantage this gives us is flexibility and the ability to respond to our clients’ needs very quickly.

We do not make retail beds

Many retail bed companies have seen a dip in their core business and looked to the contract market to bolster sales.

We have always been and always will be 100% committed to serving the contract market, its what we do and it’s what we have become very well known for in the Student, Hotel and Leisure sectors.

Unique Products and Services

We are the only company in the UK doing what we do, if you have not yet experienced it then do get in touch we would love to hear from you.

National Bed Federation

WOW Lifestyle Limited
TEL: 0345 257 1590 EMAIL: info@wowcontract.co.uk
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